The Principle of Individual Differences

If we are interested in our health and longevity, we must all understand one principle of nature which is ultimately inescapable: we are all created uniquely different and we develop along individual paths. This is The Principle of Individual Differences.

We are created equally only in the sense that we are human. Nature creates many different humans.

Because of individual genetics, some people may do all the wrong things and live a long life. Conversely, some may do all the right things and die prematurely. This happens first because of nature, secondly because of individual circumstance, wisdom and choice.

Know that you are a singular entity, and from the day of your birth you have developed in response to external stimuli in a unique way. What you think, how you compose yourself, the decisions you make about the external influences you are experiencing, all of these momentary experiences have a profound effect on how you live your life today.

The only thing, the one element you cannot change, is what you were given, biologically, by your parents. You can change everything and every moment forward from that starting point. What you do with your freedom of choice is on you.

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