Wellness is not Fitness

Wellness is an absence of illness. Wellness means you’re not diseased and incapable of ordinary function. The term “wellness” is touted as a desired state of being in many places and programs of “fitness” in the world of today. But wellness is not fitness. “Fitness” and being “fit” takes wellness to a higher level. To progress from wellness to fitness requires a lot of continual hard work and an acceptance of what time and training for fitness does to a human body throughout it’s lifespan.

A lot of people want to retire later in life so they can take it easy and relax. I’ve got bad news for them. As time and Earth’s gravity wears us down with age, our requirements for work INCREASE. Sorry, but we’re all gonna have to fight like hell to maintain our functional mobility. Accept this truth of Nature’s Law or live your last years in pain and dysfunction.

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